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Credit Union Services

Need to reorder checks? Contact information is here:
Phone #: 1-877-585-8777

The following can be purchased at your credit union.

Cashier's Checks
Fee: $5 per

Money Orders
Fee: $1 per

Stop in the credit union office in Building 300, Room 122 or call (386) 506-3040.

Outgoing Wire Transfers
Fee: $25 per

International Wire Transfers
Fee: $50 per

Incoming Wire Transfers
Fee: $10 per

Save a trip to the Credit Union by signing up now for our Direct Deposit service. Checks are deposited the first thing in the morning on each payday.

Enjoy the ease of payroll deduction for loans, holiday club, money manager checking and more. With one less check to write every month you’re sure to find this service convenient and easy to use.

Available outside the Credit Union office on the DSC Daytona Beach Campus, Building 300, Room 122. All night deposits are entered into your account(s) before the Credit Union opens each business day.

We can tell you how to shrink your debt, pay off current bills and even save a little for the future whether it be for retirement, vacation or home improvement projects.

Loan Counseling
Find out what type of loan will be best for you and your situation, one-on-one.

Debt Counseling
Learn how to manage your debts and get help before it’s too late.

Retirement Planning
We currently offer two options for individual retirement accounts.

For more information or to set up an appointment with a financial counselor, contact us today. (All financial information is kept strictly confidential).