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Fee Schedule

The Fee Schedule sets forth certain conditions, rates, fees and charges applicable to your accounts. This schedule is incorporated into your Master Account Agreement and Disclosure Statement with the Credit Union. Fees are subject to change.

Effective: August, 2011

Service Fee
Membership Fee $10.00
Closed Accounts
(If closed within six months of opening.)
Monthly Service Fee
If no relationship (checking, money manager, etc) and balance is under $100.00
Excessive Share Withdrawals (After five in a month.) $2.00 each
Early Holiday Club Withdrawals $10.00 each
Stop Payment fee (with available funds) $20.00 each
Stop Payment fee (with no available funds) $30.00 each
Stop Payment Series $30.00
ATM Transactions (If using a Presto! Or Plus ATM.) $.50 each
Debit/ATM Card Reissuance $4.00 each
Debit Card Hot Card Fee $5.00 each
Debit/ATM Card Research $10.00 each
Outgoing Wire Transfer Fee $25.00 each
Outgoing IRA Transfer Fee $25.00 each
Incoming Wire Fee $10.00 each
International Wire Fee $50.00 each
Share Draft Copies $3.00 each
Statement Copies $3.00 per page
Statement Forwarding $10.00 each
Returned Mail Fee $5.00 each
Dormancy Fee $10 monthly
Early Certificate Withdrawal Fee 180 days dividends on your deposit
Money Order $1.00 each
Phone Call Collection Fee $10.00 per call
Non-Sufficient Funds Fee (Checks, ATM Card, Debit Card, ACH) $35.00
Loan Service Fee $50.00 & $35.00 for LOC Advances
Home Equity Loan Application (non-refundable) $125.00
Account History Printout $5.00 each
Uncollected Funds Return Check Fee $30.00 each
Research Fee $25.00 per hour
Official Check -Stop Payment $5.00 each
Official Check Fee (Cashier Checks) $5.00 each
Levy & Writ Fee $50.00
Travel Cards $5.00 each
Reopen Checking Account $25.00
Second Chance Draft (checking) Account $10.00 monthly fee
Visa Gift Card Fee (tiered) $2.50 to $10.00
Mastercard International Currency Conversion fee 1% of purchase
Credit Card Reorder fee $10.00 each
Draft Guard NSF Transfer Fee $35.00
Verification of Dep/Mtg Payoff $10.00 each
Check Cashing Fee
(if amount cashed is greater than acct. balance)
Change Account Status $25.00
Change Account with Loans $25.00/loan
Post Office Address Change Fee $2.00
Telephone Payment Fee $5.00
Loan Modification Fee $50.00
Mailed Statement Fee $5.00
Photo Copy Fee $1.00/page
Fax Service Fee $1.00/page